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Shinya Yukimura (雪村 心夜 Yukimura Shin'ya) is of the two main characters of all incarnations of Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shōmei Shite Mita. He is a 1st-year post-graduate science and technology researcher at Saitama University who works closely with Ayame Himuro. After finding out that she loves him, he realizes that he knows nothing about love nor about his feelings for her, so he embarks on a series of mathematical and logical experiments with her to see if they truly love each other. He is somewhat easily embarrassed, but otherwise completely serious and logical like Himuro, keeping him stuck to her mathematical quest as well.


Shinya is a handsome young man with medium bluish-gray hair that has bangs hanging over his forehead, darkish-amber eyes and black square-rimmed glasses.

He is usually seen in his lab coat with a long sleeve black shirt and a blue neck-tie.


Shinya is an extremely logical person who is always looking serious and he loves mathematical/logical experiments to the point that he is ready to turn anything into an experiment to prove it, including love. As he grew, he didn't had much contact with women, so every time he is around one, his heart starts beating faster and he becomes nervous and easily embarrassed. Shinya appears to have feelings for Ayame Himuro, but due to have not experienced love, he isn't sure if he is in love or is only being loved, so he wanted to prove love scientifically. Along with his lack of experience, and even though he is quite smart, he often fails to see or understand a situation correctly and will usually misjudge it for something else.

He is also easily irritated by Ena Ibarada (Shinya's co-worker) who always tries to mess with him for fun and she usually succeeds.


One day at the technology research department of Saitama University, Ayame Himuro (Shinya's co-worker) confessed that she loves him. As Shinya had not experienced love, he wanted a definition of love and prove of how Ayame decided that she loved him. Since both loved their jobs, they agreed to make an experiment in which they will try to find proof if they love each other. They started collecting data and did a kabe-don experiment, to get data on the increased heart rate of Ayame. As the experiment wasn't enough to get full data, they tried increasing the heart rate of Shinya. But then, a co-worker named Ena Ibarada brought to their attention that their experiment isn't correct and there are variety of reasons someone to get increased heart rate outside of the person being close to their loved one. They involved in the experiment Ena and Kotonoha Kanade, but concluded that his heart rate increased from all. Shinya then confessed, as he wasn't in much contact with other women, he gets nervous when is close to them.

Later they did a cooking experiment, to see if you can implement love into cooking. As they were preparing the dish, Shinya was getting annoying the recipe wasn't numerically specific and had things like "a bit of salt". Ayame then explained him the two versions of implementing love into cooking, one that changes the taste and one that works visually for a psychological effect. Shinya didn't understand it and didn't believe that love will make the cooking taste better and wanted to even use a taste sensor to compare the data. But, Ayame explained him that it will depend on the person and suggested she cook it and he experience both dishes. When she was ready with the dishes, she presented it to him with one having his name written with a heart and he had to agree that one tasted better, even before tasting it.


  • The name Shinya means "heart, mind, soul" (心) (shin) and "night" (夜) (ya).
  • Shinya's surname Yukimura means "snow" (雪) (yuki) and "town, village" (村) (mura).


  • Just like Ayame Himuro, Shinya too would often get bullied and be made fun of during his early schooldays.
  • Both Shinya and Ayame first met when they were kids when Himuro was hiding in the bushes.
  • Following Billy Kametz's diagnosis/eventual death to stage IV Colon Cancer in 2022, Alejandro Saab takes over the role for Shinya in Season 2 and it was going to give a new voice actor.