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Professor Ikeda (池田 教授, Ikeda Kyōju) is a minor character in all he like incarnations of Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shōmei Shite Mita. He is the master of Ikeda's Lab at Saitama University Science and Research Department, where Himuro Ayame, Yukimura Shinya and the rest work.


Ikeda has a dark hair and wears glasses. He usually wears a shirt with a sweater on top. He also has a very muscular body and is overall large in size.


Ikeda is very kind and always supportive, but he becomes very scary when angered. Due to his well-build body, when angered his muscles swell and he becomes intimidating and often breaks the pens he holds.


Ikeda had a team meeting with the rest of the researchers at Ikeda Lab. As he was being late Ena Ibarada guessed he may had fallen asleep and went outside to look for him. They returned shortly after with Ikeda apologizing that he had fallen asleep. As the meeting was going well, upon hearing that Kosuke Inukai didn't read his papers, due to his love of Aika, Ikeda got really mad breaking his pen and telling Kosuke that he needs to finish his given work. Realizing he broke another pen, Ena gave him a new one. Shinya Yukimura then gave him the papers of his presentation. Ikeda was expecting the see the progress of his polynomial time reduction, but was shocked to see it was about the love experiment they had with Ayame Himuro. Ikeda commented he knew they were close, but not in a relationship. Ayame told him they are not in a relationship and are doing this to collect data on what is love. Ikeda ended up liking the project and was interested in it, and suggested they would need more data from other people too. Shinya then tried persuading all to join his project and ended up in an argument with Ayame. Seeing this Ikeda got really mad and intimidating telling all to calm down as this was a place of logic and learning. He told Shinya that he can't force people into his project, but will do it with all that are interested. Ikeda then gave a motivating speech of them doing the project and as he let them continue the meeting ended.


  • The surname Ikeda means "pool, pond" (池) (ike) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).