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Kosuke Inukai (犬飼 虎輔 Inukai Kōsuke) is one of the supporting-main characters in all incarnations of Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shōmei Shite Mita. He is a 4th-year undergraduate at Saitama University who works with Ayame Himuro and Shinya Yukimura and a childhood friend of Ena Ibarada.


Kosuke is a handsome man with medium-length blonde hair tied in a low ponytail and gold-colored eyes. He also wears earrings and a chain necklace.

He is usually wearing his lab coat with a FC inter-shirt & kit with the number 13.


Kosuke is a closet otaku who loves 2D girls. His love for 2D girls extends to the point of sleeping with body pillows of them and investing large sums of money on their games. He knows that other people would find his preferences weird, so he usually hides them by playing the role of a ladies man who's been in love with lots of women. Usually when he tells a love story or something he did with a girl, it's from the dating sim games he plays. Even though he no longer plays soccer, he still loves wearing soccer-related T-shirts.


Kosuke came to the Saitama University after been absent for some time, commenting that he was enjoying the nightlife. Shinya Yukimura asked him if he had loved someone and Kosuke replied that he "lives in love". He then talked about the girl he loves and gave Shinya the proof he wanted for his love to her, like being happy around her, sleep-hugging her for 2 years, and spending lots of money on her. However, Kotonoha Kanade revealed who Aika (Kosuke's love) was, a character from a dating sim game. Kosuke then confessed he was in love with 2D characters and he was hiding it because people find it weird and they would make fun of him. Shinya then gave him a speech that his love isn't weird, as they are different sexual orientations and that loving 2D girls is similar to loving celebrities. Kosuke was moved that Shinya accepted him immediately and decided to continue his love for 2D girls. Ayame Himuro then combats Shinya's statement by saying that Kosuke's love for Aika can't be compared in numerical values to Ayame's love for Shinya, which would suggest that she didn't love Shinya. Shinya then immediately retracts his statement to Kosuke and tells him that he's extremely weird for sleeping with body pillows of characters, leaving Kosuke shocked.


  • The name Kosuke means "tiger" (虎) (ko) and "help" (輔) (suke).
  • Kosuke's surname Inukai means "dog" (犬) (inu) and "rearing" (飼) (kai).