Proof 4: Science Has Fallen In Love, So We Tried Doing A Control Experiment (理系が恋に落ちたので対照実験してみた。, Rikei ga koi ni ochitanode taishō jikken shite mita.) is the 4th chapter of the Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shōmei Shite Mita (manga) by Alfred Yamamoto.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Ena woke up from her sleep, realizing she fell asleep again in the middle of a quest and had died in the game. She then saw both Ayame and Kotonoha tying up Shinya.

15 minutes earlier, Shinya turn was up for the heart rate experiment. He put on the heart rate meter, but kept his distance from Ayame. She questioned him if he stays away from her, as he was embarrassed of his heart rate going up and he denied it, but starting running away from her, when she tried to get close, saying he needed to prepare himself mentally. As Ayame was Kotonoha, she asked her to catch Shinya and in a blink of a moment, she smacked him to the ground.

They tied him up and Ayame sat on his legs. She read some articles on how to excite a man and told him to touch her on hear head. As he started touching her on her head, he wasn't sure if his heart beat was increasing and just when he was about to stop, Ayame told him to continue for around 10 more minutes, clearly as she was enjoying it. Ena then told them they are doing weird stuff and wondered if this was the love experiment they told her earlier. A bit later, they checked the graph of Shinya's heart rate and realized it was even higher than Ayame's. Ena then asked if they did a control experiment and that they needed to make the experiment with another person and not just measure his normal heart rate. As Ena was explaining, she went towards Shinya saying that they need to see if he gets excited only around Ayame or he also gets excited from any girl.

They did a second experiment, where he touched the head of Kotonoha and a third, where he was touching Ena, but she was acting as a cat purring and that was annoying Shinya. The result was that his heart rate increased for all and the most for Ena. Ayame questioned him if he really liked all women. Shinya then explained that he spent most of his life without a woman around him, so gets nervous when a woman is next to him. Ena said she felt that would be the case and that his heart doesn't beat faster just for love and wondering how will they prove it like that. As Ayame was visually flustered, Kotonoha knew that Ena made that chaos just for fun.

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