Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shōmei Shite Mita Wiki

Proof 1: Science Has Fallen In Love, So We Tried To Analyst It (理系が恋に落ちたので解析してみた。, Rikei ga koi ni ochitanode kaiseki shite mita.) is the 1st chapter of the Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shōmei Shite Mita (manga) by Alfred Yamamoto.



At the national Saitama University in the science and technology department, Ayame arrives 3 minutes late at work and Shinya reminds it to her. But she corrects him it's been 2 minutes and 32 seconds. Shinya then instead of correcting him, she needs to work hard to get those lost 3 minutes. As both talk about of how they will proof a theory, Ayame reveals that she loves Shinya, but as he has no experience with love, and although he likes her since she is clever and good rival, he doesn't know if he loves her. Shinya then asked her who they would define "love" and what evidence she has to say she loves him. She agreed that making a claim without evidence is not something they do at the science and technology department. Ayame then proceeds to make a percentage pie chart, including in it things like: she dreams of him, her hear beats faster around him, wants to smell him, etc. Shinya told her that it was subjective to make her own evidence as judgement and started thinking if this was what actually love is. As he looked at her, she blushed and turned away, which was due to one of the things she put in the pie chart -> being captivated by his serious face.

Ayame then explained that she became concious of him, after she dreamt about him in April 12th and since then her dreaming of him increased, showing it with a graph. Shinya told her that even he dreams of her and other people and asked her what she dreams about him and while being a little embarrassed she told him that they hold hands. Shinya then tried to put that information on the board, but Ayame quickly got close to him and asked what he dreamt about her. At first he didn't want to tell, but confessed he also dreamt of them holding hands and they wondered if that was coincidence, but were sure there was a connection.

A moment later Kotonoha entered the room and saw Shinya and Ayame writing at the board. Both of them were formulizing and making a turing machine for requirement of judgement so that they can prove and judge if they loved each other. Then they realized the subject was far more interesting than they originally thought and decided to prove love. Kotonoha was watching from the side, completely ignored and wondering if that "stupid-couple" will be okay.